Walang Utak (diavana) wrote in hell_cats,
Walang Utak

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Hello kitties--

Hey, guys, it's Dawn ^^ Just thought I'd post in here and let you all know that I'm watching you all~! ~pokepokes everyone~ ^_~
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... *poke* hi there!! *blindfolds you* ha!
=_= ~pokes at everyone blindly~ meow.... now I'm just smelling you all!!
but if we run around it will be harder to find us~~~
yes it would.. but then I can hear all of you if you run around!
damn! how are you so smart!?
it's all those years of training in the mountains, wrestling bears :> lol
~glomp attack!~ ~in blindfold~
*pokes back* I don't know you, but... *poke poke poke* *runs off*
~poke!~ I'm Dawn, pleased to meet you!~!
I'm Iffer. Pleased to meet you too! ^-^
yay! :D