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yay! I think I finally figured out how to post an entry in hell_cats!! ^__^ hi hi, yoshikochan desu, "sway" desu, though I haven't read far enough to know anything about sway really, but I wish she would kill more people. Lots and lots of gobbly people and lots of lots of bad people and lots and lots of good people and lots of kitten! heeheehee =P

Um..um...um... I haven't seen anyone in a long time ~__~ summer has been soooo busy... XD but we got gifts for everyone when we were in London! ... ^__^;; well maybe not everyone, it was hard to find things, and, well, i don't think we bought anything for the boys, but we have stuff for the chibis! um... um... XD ... so... um... ~__~
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